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IPera Solutions
IPera provides solutions and services for guest WiFi, hotspot analytics, WiFi marketing, guest engagement, WiFi splash portals, proximity marketing, telecom expense management (TEM), call accounting, unified communications software, interactive kiosk and digital signage solutions. IPERA customers include major companies from different industries such as financial services, enterprises, governments, hospitality, retail, shopping malls, health care industry as well as smart cities. The company was founded in 2004, providing solutions and services to over 1,000+ organization all over the world.
Market Segments
IPera builds solutions that work with all verticals as well as governments and enterprises. Our solutions are highly customizable for any organization from different market segments. It has been applied to any of the following organization:
Call Accounting, Call Recording, IVR, Guest WiFi Management, Indoor Navigation, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage
Contact Centers
ACD Reports, Agent Skill Based Report Analysis, Failed Calls Detection, Resource Analysis, Quality Management and Customer Collaboration
Unified Communications, Wayfinding, Student Communication Signage System, School WiFi Management Solutions
Telecom Expense Management, Digital Signage, Guest WiFi Management
Financial Services
Fast Track WiFi Solutions, Telecom Expense Management, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage
Telecom Life-Cycle Management, Call Accounting, Digital Signage, Guest WiFi Management
Patient Billing, HIS Posting, Wayfinding & Directory Kiosk, Patient Check-in, WiFi Analytics, IP-TV
Guest WiFi Solutions, Marketing, Wayfinding & Directory Kiosk, Call Accounting, IP-TV, Hotel Mobile App
Service Providers
Managed Guest WiFi, Multi-Tenant Call Accounting, Customer Communication & Collaboration Kiosk Collaboration Solutions, Multi-Tenant SaaS Guest WiFi Solution
Shopping Centers
Guest WiFi Management, Indoor Navigation, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage
Smart Cities
City WiFi Management, Indoor and Outdoor Navigation, Digital Kiosk
Guest WiFi Management, Indoor Navigation, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage

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