23 DEC
Development of recent technologies allows venue owners - particularly within retail and hospitality sectors – to track customer footfall and build better targeted campaigns It is possible to personalize the customer experience utilizing technology today, yet by making your customer aware of what is happening through...
12 SEP
A powerful Customer WiFi Analytics & Marketing tool provides marketers communicate with their customers based on their visit patterns and behavior as well as demographics and social likesWe at IPERA often get questions about how to calculate the ROI. Our usual response to this will...
20 APR
WiFi is becoming an essential tool for any businesses to connect with their customers. Understanding consumers is becoming more and more visible when enabling easy, secure and fast Wi-Fi for your customers. Small, medium and large business owners can take advantage of WiFi to launch digital strategies and...
04 NOV
Hotel Guests carry 2-3 devices when travelling. 63% of travelers consider free WiFi when booking a hotel propertyHoteliers benefited from paid Internet services for many years. Some of them, especially high-end hotel operators still offer premium package for a fee. However revenue generated from Guest...
19 SEP
Finding new customers for your business may be a challenge. Engaging with your existing customers could have better impact on your business without spending large sum of marketing budget. Guest WiFi plays a great role for service industries to deliver context-aware and location based messages WiFi...
19 SEP
Have you ever thought that marketing is not all about spending million dollars to communicate with your target segment customers? Whether you are an hotelier, restaurant owner or hospital manager, you need more than customer satisfaction. This article provides insights about how to utilize your...

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