Call Recording Software

Call Recording provides a comprehensive interaction recording solution for quality assurance, security and customer service environments to ensure that your organization is compliant with internal and external regulations.


IPERA Call Recording Software provides these services to organizations:

  • Recording 100% of interactions with customers
  • Ensuring complacence with to internal and external audits and regulations
  • Capturing important insights about customer experience
  • Enabling improvement in service levels
  • Contributing to higher operational effectiveness
  • Ability to perform keyword search through communication
  • Ability to analyze speech with analytics capabilities

Call Recording Software Features include:

  • Easily adapts to the unique operational requirements of various call centers
  • Supports any telephony environment
  • Provides comprehensive multi-site call recording
  • Separates customer and agent speech through stereo recording
  • Includes an IP- and phone-number-based agent filtering/blocking feature
  • Supports multiple UC/PBX vendors  (Call Center and Enterprise)
Recording Technologies
  • Active Recording
  • Cisco Built-in-Bridge
  • Passive Sniffing
  • Cisco Systems UC BE6K/BE7K/8.x/9.x/10.x/11.x
  • Avaya Aura Call Manager
  • SIP Compliant UC Systems

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