Communication Suite | Enterprise Unified Communication Software Suite
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Communication Suite

Complete Enterprise Unified Communication Software Solutions

Communication Suite provides set of integrated Unified Communication software solutions to monitor, analyze and control organization UC networks. The Communication Suite includes Call Accounting, Billing and Reporting, GSM Call Accounting, Budget Management, Personal Call Management, Call Recorder, Operator Console and IP Fax Server solutions. The Communication Suite is installed in over 1,000 organizations since 2004 with the leading Unified Communications and PABX vendors


Call Accounting, Billing and Reporting

Best reporting tool in the market, IPERA call accounting, reporting and billing solution is used for both communication analysis and billing purposes. It processes voice & video communication traffic across the enterprise and allocates usage cost to individuals, departments and business units and branches. The system has been implemented in various organizations ranging between 50 users and 50K users since 2004.

Call Accounting & Billing software provides drill-down reports and insights for usage trends.

IPERA Call Accounting software posts daily, weekly and month billing data to HRMS, ERP, Hotel PMS and Hospital HIS systems.

GSM Call Accounting

Finance departments spend days every month to analyze and charge back mobile bills. Thanks to IPERA GSM Calls Accountant module, it automates this process by consolidating personnel’s monthly telecom usage (landline and mobile) in a single reporting platform. Organizations benefit from uncovering hidden GSM/mobile costs and usage trends. This module automates invoice processing and assignment to the relevant users and departments. It can read information from various sources such as telecom monthly PDF invoices and consolidated bills via Excel / CSV files.
This module is suitable for financial institutions, governments, healthcare, education, sales & service organizations

IP Phone Applications

Applications that optimizes enterprise processes and increases productivity. Compatible with XML-enabled Cisco Systems IP Phones

– Advance Directory Service: Enables users to easily access any contact from corporate directory, shared directories and user directory

– Phone Locker: Allows users to lock and unlock their desk phone with a simple click in order to avoid misuse

– My Bill Service: Consolidates landline and mobile bill and displays users monthly communication cost. Integrated with IPERA Call Accounting software


Communication Quality Monitoring

The IPERA Voice Network Analytics solution provides tools for organizations to identify the voice quality problems proactively. Without the need for technical skills, organizations get informed about issues immediately.

  • Uncovers reason for dropped calls
  • Alerts based on threshold values
  • Ensures voice and video communication reliability
  • Improves customer and employee communication experience

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics transcribes the recorded audio to digital text & analyzes customer-agent interactions in call centers based on its Speech-To-Text and emotion detection technologies and reveals important insights by applying data mining methods. Speech Analytics is an efficient call tracking software that enables companies to drive customer satisfaction, improve agent effectiveness and optimize call center processes by evaluating various components such as hold time, average handle time, call transfers and first call resolution

uc-personel-call-management (1)

Personal Call Management

With IPERA’s smart Personal Call Management (PCM) engine, our customers have reduced telecom cost dramatically by controlling unnecessary calls. PCM provides an algorithm that periodically scans frequently dialed numbers that are not recorded in the corporate contacts. It encourages user to define the number as a business contact or personal contact. Finance departments are provided tools to easily communicate users about the personal calls.

Toll-Fraud Management

It is estimated that cost of fraud and unified communications systems hacking is over US$4bn worldwide. By using Toll-fraud module organizations can detect abnormal behavior of their telephone usage earlier which prevents shock bills. It is integrated with Cisco UC 7/8/9/10.x, Avaya Call Manager and Microsoft Lync

Call Recording

Call Recording solution captures voice communication for from voice network IP interface. The tool provides a powerful system for recording the enterprise and call center voice traffic. It provides powerful search capabilities that helps to locate to any conversation easily in various languages.

IVR & Auto Attendant

Suitable for Enterprises, Governments, Hotels, Hospitals, Service Providers and Commercial Centers. Compatible with cross-platform Unified Communications systems. Supports multi-language and multi-level scenario definition.

Operator Console

Allows receptionists to handle multiple calls at the same time, using a simple and integrated view of presence status, directory, list of calls, memos, speed dials and much more.


Available APIs/SDKs t integrate with your business systems

  • Organization Directory (Active Directory, HRMS, etc.)
  • Hospitality PMS Systems
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Airport Information Broker Systems
  • HRMS / ERP / CRM Systems

Supported Unified Communications Systems

  • Cisco Systems Unified Communications 6/7/8/9/10.5, BE6K, BE7K and Express Edition
  • Microsoft Lync, Avaya Communication Manager / IP Office
  • Alcatel, Genesys, NEC, ININ, Mitel, Samsung, Shoretel