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Tracking Customer Footfall

Development of recent technologies allows venue owners – particularly within retail and hospitality sectors – to track customer footfall and build better targeted campaigns


It is possible to personalize the customer experience utilizing technology today, yet by making your customer aware of what is happening through full transparency. Majority of business managers are not aware that such technology exists, or they don’t have tools to utilize it through allowing customers to give consent that their data is used to improve their experience

Understanding customer interaction with venues has been crucial for every business in order to differentiate customer experience. Businesses that don’t recognize the importance of customer physical visit patterns will arguably be left behind


Location Analytics

There are various technologies today to understand customer footfall and visit patterns including Wi-Fi and BLE Beacons which the combined term of such analytics is called as Location Analytics

Why do you need to know how customers move around and interact with your venue? Depending on which business you are running; whether stadium, hotel, restaurant, retail store, gym, museum, etc. knowing customer footfall allows marketing & operations leaders to:

  • Understand busy hours of day, days of week and months in a year. This will enable you to manage staffing requirements accordingly; saving you money and keeping your customers happy
  • Understanding pathways customer use, including entry and exit points for better optimization of customer flow
  • Verify the impact of any physical changes to your venue including pathway changes, new sign, etc.
  • When running a campaign, to monitor the performance of campaign through customer physical footfall
  • Compare footfall with the previous period and see the trends
  • Dwell time – Understand how much time in average customers spend in your venue and which zones are crowded
  • Conversion rate – How attractive is your venue for customers to stop by for a visit
  • Know which areas within your store is crowed, to place your best selling products to drive sales
  • Recognize those frequently visiting customers and reward them to increase retention. Acquiring a new customer is up to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer  
  • Understand those regular customers that don’t visit you anymore. Create a special campaign to invite them
  • … list can go on

Using Wi-Fi to track customer footfall

If any of the reasons listed above is what you are looking for to track customer footfall, then you might need to know how do we track customer footfall.

Here at IPERA, we utilize your existing Guest Wi-Fi network to track your customers using Wi-Fi analytics tools. That is right, we don’t ask for any other hardware or technology.


IPERA Starling – a cloud based Guest Wi-Fi Analytic & Marketing platform integrates with your Guest Wi-Fi devices in your branches. When customers connect to your Wi-Fi, IPERA captures their data via Wi-Fi captive login portal (i.e.: welcome page, splash portal, etc.). Through captive portal, IPERA captures their key demographic data, through either social login or built-in short forms. IPERA then tracks their movement whilst in your venue using their devices’ unique MAC address whenever they visit to any of your branches. This is a great data for your CRM, because it includes also customers visit records. Yet, you don’t need to worry about GDPR and customer data privacy, because when customers are trying to connect Wi-Fi, they are presented with a short and simple terms of business and privacy policy that informs about location tracking, data capturing and marketing consent preferences. Only those customers that allow marketing consent are being communicated.

Costa Coffee WiFi Marketing


Case Study – F&B Outlet Chain

An existing IPERA customer is a casual restaurant chain operating in 4 countries in Europe, through 125 branches. Within 1st Jan 2018 – 30th June 2018, across all branches, the customer has seen 2,289,238 unique visits. 1,342,234 of those visitors have connected to the Wi-Fi at least once, enrolled to customer’s Salesforce CRM through APIs. This is a great value for the CRM manager. Customer then can analyze this data further to understand how cross-venue visit patterns, such as how many of customers visited 1 venue, 2 venues, 3 venues, etc.

Is footfall tracking accurate?

Wi-Fi technology provides reasonable accuracy for footfall tracking. It all depends on how many Wireless Access Points devices you deploy within your venue and your objectives. Since the technology works on triangulation technology, essentially, the more access points will provide better accuracy. Usually venues that deployed guest Wi-Fi network have many access points to ensure better coverage and guest experience

In short…

  • Customers’ physical interaction with your venue is an important metric, and should be analyzed
  • Data collected provides lots of benefits for both the business and the customers
  • Customers are communicated only if they accepted the marketing consent
  • Wi-Fi analytics is both cost effective and accurate to track customer footfall
  • Wi-Fi analytics does not only track customer mobile device MAC address, but also collects customer demographics and social preferences

Need to see it in action? Contact us for a demo today




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